Design and Full-service exterior Landscaping Process Cortland, OH
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Gilmore J Design Landscaper

Gilmore offers the most thorough and complete design and landscaping process you'll find. We have learned through years of experience that each step is essential to creating the perfect design and carrying it out:
1. Consultation with YOU to determine your needs.
2. Site Plan. A site plan and general survey of our starting point -- setting house, relevant property lines, sheds and other yard features.
3. Site Preparation. Addressing drainage and special property issues.
4. Rough Design and Bubble Diagrams. To determine areas of use, traffic flow, etc.
5. Scaled drawing showing design elements.
6. Presentation drawing. We make it "pretty" so you can see textures, shapes and colors.
7. The "Show Plan." A meeting between client and designer to explain the concepts and materials. We typically like to have this meeting at our office so you can see, touch and feel materials; view pictures; and look at actual plant material in addition to any accessories from our retail store, Green Gate.
8. Full-service exterior landscaping
Categories: Lawn and Garden, Services
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Gilmore J Design Landscaper

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Gilmore J Design Landscaper — Lawn and Garden, Services — Cortland

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